Lulabelle's to temporarily close end of December

Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop at 847 Upshur Street NW is temporarily closing on December 24th to reorganize operations and some other store features.

When the store opened on December 9, 2017, it was with a partnership between Julie Wineinger, owner of Willow Fashion next door, and Each Peach Market, owned by Emily Friedberg and Jeanlouise Conaway in Mt. Pleasant.

Each Peach ran the kitchen operations, as well as the ice cream and coffee service at Lullabelle’s. According to Emily, they decided to end their partnership and focus on their Mt. Pleasant business.

Emily said that the split is amicable. “It was a bit of an experiment to begin with and it’s just proven to be too big a logistical strain on our other businesses to have an off-site kitchen (our primary reason for wanting to use the space),” Emily said. “Julie is going to continue what we started with the ice cream and the coffee. Business has been fine, though seasonal of course!”

“We are sad to leave Upshur Street and have loved getting to know a new neighborhood but ultimately, the logistics of having a kitchen offsite from our primary business location has proved to be difficult to manage,” Emily said.

Lulabelle’s will re-open tentatively on January 8th, 2019. Julie Wineinger will continue to operate Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop with Taharka Brothers Ice Cream, Lost Sock Coffee, gifts, and candy along with a planned menu expansion in the near future. 

"We definitely are re-opening in January,” Julie said. “We just needed a bit of time to switch out equipment and change over the licenses. The plan is to expand lunch and coffee options in the near future."

Each Peach custom cakes, cupcakes, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and other treats will continue to be available for sale at Each Peach and Pear Plum or by special order.

“We wish Julie all the best on the future operations of Lulabelle’s, come find us in Mt. Pleasant!” Emily said.

(Ed Note: Glad to hear Lulabelle’s is reopening. My daughter would be distraught to lose her favorite ice cream!)

Lulabelle's Sweet Shop
847 Upshur St NW