Read a book, eat some ice cream! Lulabelle's Sweet Shop and Loyalty Books reward young readers

Loyalty Bookstore and Lulabelle’s are offering kids a sweet reward.

There can be magic when local businesses decide to work together, and this is especially true for Upshur Street’s Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop and Loyalty Bookstore.

The two businesses are teaming up to encourage our youngest residents to read books for a sweet reward. For every 9 books a child reads, they get a stamp in their “Reading Journal” that they can turn into Lulabelle’s for a free ice cream cone. (Sign me up!)

You can pick up your Reading Journal from Loyalty Bookstore (827 Upshur St NW), and visit Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop (847 Upshur St NW) for the reward. The reading program will go year round — so it’s good for Winter or Summer (just like the joy of eating ice cream all year round).

“The reading journal is more than just a way to track participation in the program,” says Hannah Oliver Depp, owner of Loyalty Bookstore. “When a child writes down every book they read, it helps both parents and children see reading growth throughout the year. Plus, it helps youth reflect on the types of books they’ve been reading – they can start to see whether there’s a particular type of story they gravitate toward most often.”

“We’ve noticed that most reading incentive programs tend to be in the summer,” says Julie Wineinger, the owner of Lulabelle’s and Willow on Upshur Street. “As a mom myself, I know how important it is to help foster a love of independent reading year-round and we hope this new program will help do just that.”  

As an added bonus, parents receive 10% off any children's books they purchase from Loyalty Bookstore for this program (no purchase necessary to participate).