A recount in the close election for ANC 4C08

ANC 4C08 Commissioner Timothy Jones at a recent ANC meeting.

Elections for Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner are generally boring. Usually there’s only one person running for a single member district seat, and if there’s two, well, there’s usually little fireworks. In ANC 4C, things got a bit heated in SMD 4C08 when incumbent Timothy Jones got a last minute challenge by Leah Anderson. The race started with constituents expressing frustration with Commissioner Jones regarding his actions toward a local block party, and ended with a narrow win by Jones at the general election on November 6th. But how narrow was the win?

Election results from 11/6… and updated by DCBOE on 11/15

According to the DC Board of Elections, as of November 19th, Timothy Jones received 440 votes, while Leah Anderson received 430 (out of 450 total write-in votes). That 10 vote margin allows for a recount, according to DBOE, if a candidate in the election requests one by November 23rd. DCBOE will conduct it at no charge (note that this is slightly different than what was reported by Petworth News on Nov 15th, when DCBOE said a recount would be at the cost of the requesting party — now, DCBOE says the count is no charge because of the small margin between the two candidates).

Leah Anderson said that she has formally requested that DCBOE conduct a recount of the 4C08 election. Results should be announced sometime next week.

As for the other 20 names submitted as write-in candidates for 4C08, DCBOE won’t provide those as only candidates who submitted a declaration of candidacy by November 9th are counted in the final results. Only Mr Jones and Ms Anderson submitted declarations for 4C08.

Leah Anderson (used by permission)

“This experience allowed me to connect with our community in a very meaningful way,” Anderson said. “I was overwhelmed by the positive response from our neighbors and the need for change and community engagement. 4C08 is a beautiful community that is matched by its beauty in diversity and for that I am grateful to call this neighborhood home. I still believe that our community will benefit more from representation that encourages engagement, transparency and responsiveness.”

When reached for comment, Timothy Jones pointed to the Petworth News article from November 6th that reported him possibly losing the election, and stopped responding to follow-up emails. (Ed note: That article was updated once the new certified count was announced.)

Looks like the story continues in the upcoming weeks.

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