Photo: Jason Hornick / Washington Post

Photo: Jason Hornick / Washington Post


Petworth News… in the News

Below are some of the different media outlets that have interviewed Drew or written about Petworth News. I guess this is our #humblebrag page.
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Drew Schneider’s perfect day in DC is an ode to Petworth

The Washington Post
In D.C. Dream Day, we ask our favorite people in the area to tell us how they would spend a perfect day in the District. Petworth’s Drew Schneider thought he was just trying to get an abused dog help. Little did he realize that his blog post would go viral — and also bring about considerable change.

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Petworth: A Decade Later, Much Has Changed

DC Urban Turf
“It’s something that active residents, the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, and local business owners are aware of,” Schneider said. “They’re constantly looking to balance development and change with equity and accessibility,” Schneider said.
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"Upshur Street, NW Has Become a Bustling Corridor"

The InTowner
Schneider observed that the “neighborhood has seen positive changes in the past two decades, with more amenities available and quality of life seeing significant changes via improvements in public safety, public recreation, food options, food shopping, retail, etc..."
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"Metro riders tricked by bogus fundraiser for DC high school"

WUSA Channel 9
A warning tonight about a scam affecting one of our schools here in DC. “I was approached about two weeks ago and again this week,” Drew Schneider, with Petworth News, said. “They were just going person to person showing them the flyer.” The flyer claimed to be a fundraiser for sports uniforms at Roosevelt High School in Petworth. 
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"Left-wing activism on the rise in the United States"

France 24
Since becoming US President, Donald Trump has done his utmost to unpick the patchwork of policies that the Obama administration had stitched together. But despite having a minority in both houses of Congress, Trump's Democratic rivals have fresh wind in their sails. Up and down the country, protest movements and new politicians are doing all they can to unseat Republicans ahead of next year's midterm elections. Our correspondents report.   Read more →


"Where did those 'We're Glad You're Our Neighbor' signs come from?"

NPR - All Things Considered
Signs have popped up in yards across the Washington D.C. area since Election Day with welcome messages for neighbors in a variety of languages. Now a phenomenon that has its roots in our region has gone national.
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"Petworth, Washington, D.C.: A Place of Porches"

The New York Times
Petworth, a neighborhood in the District of Columbia, is popular with young families — and flippers. 

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"These local bloggers help D.C. keep up with the neighborhood"

The Washington Post
Petworth News, a runner-up for Washington City Paper’s best community blog this year, started out as the Facebook page of then-ANC commissioner candidate Schneider in 2014. He lost the race, but he’s still writing about crime, ANC politics and local businesses. 

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"DC residents post multilingual 'glad you're our neighbor' signs"

ABC WJLA Channel 7
After an election, yard signs usually come down. But in one Northwest D.C. neighborhood, some new ones have been popping up lately.  

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"A Message Of Tolerance And Welcome, Spreading From Yard To Yard"

You can trace the journey back by word of mouth, from neighbor to neighbor or friend to friend. One resident of Washington, D.C., picked up a sign in Harrisonburg, Va. Drew Schneider, the blogger behind, snapped a picture on a walk, and posted it on Instagram. Now 350 residents are about to pick up their signs.     Read more →


"Why This Welcoming Sign Is Popping Up In Yards Across The Country"

Huffington Post
Yard signs that say “No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor” in English, Spanish and Arabic have been spotted in neighborhoods in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Canada.

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"Lost stuffed bunny brings community together"

WUSA Channel 9
A heart-warming story about a lost stuffed bunny, a four-year-old girl, and a local blog is bringing a community together. 

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"Here Is Everything You Should Know About Petworth, According to Resident/Blogger Drew Schneider"

Curbed DC
Curbed readers voted Petworth as the champion of this past year's Curbed Cup. For those who may be a little unfamiliar with the primarily residential neighborhood, Drew Schneider, who writes the Petworth News blog, was able to answer some of Curbed's questions...  

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"DC Police Union gives Chief Lanier 'No Confidence' vote"

Fox 5 DC
"We’re talking about a third of the police actually voted, and I think what it represents on the face level is a concern amongst the patrol officers,” said Drew Schneider, founder of the news blog 
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Building a Digital Community

4Site Studios
Drew Schneider, the founder of a popular DC community blog called Petworth News, joins the 4Cast to share what it takes to build a digital community. (This is a podcast.)

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"After Recent Gun Violence, Ward 4 Residents Demand a Plan From Bowser"

After a spate of shootings was reported in Petworth this December, then Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser toured the streets of her home Ward and promised that the issue was of utmost concern to her. In an open letter to neighbors, she wrote: "The violence of the last few days is unacceptable—no resident should expect to live in fear in Washington, DC."  Read more →


"Petworth, Brightwood Residents Concerned About Recent Violence"

NBC Channel 4
Drew Schneider of the Petworth News blog said some do feel being without a sitting council member may be contributing to the problem. 

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"Mayoral Legacies At Play In Special Elections In D.C. Wards 4 And 8"

A number of candidates have argued that Bowser is trying to place a friendly face on the Council: Brandon Todd, her former Council and campaign staffer who quickly out-raised his competitors using many of Bowser’s contacts from her mayoral run. That, says Drew Schneider, who runs, a website with information about the special election, has become a topic of discussion among voters and candidates. Read more →


"Takoma DC – Ward 4 election"

Takoma Voice
Drew Schneider, blogger at Petworth News, responded to a call for volunteers to construct an election site, he said. He was inspired by ANC 4C commissioner Joe Martin who suggested someone in the community create such a resource. At the time—November/December—there were 20 candidates and not much information about them. 

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