“Random Acts of Neighborliness” (for free!)


by Tearsa Coates
(ANC 4C Commissioner 4C09)

Love Your Neighbor!

Valentine’s Day is approaching. Again. In my experience, it’s a pretty polarizing holiday. Either you love it or you hate it.

I, for one, dread the tradition of overpriced roses, matching red outfits, and prix fixe dinner menus. But I wholeheartedly (*wink*) support any occasion to spread love!

This year, I’d like to help you love your neighbor. I’m giving away dozens of free treats, tagged with neighborly sweet nothings, to remind Petworth residents how much you care.

To get in on this Random Act of Neighborliness:

  1. Stop by Lulabelle’s Sweet Shop, the chic, newly remodeled candy shop at 847 Upshur St NW today (Saturday, February 9th!).

  2. Ask for the free Neighborly Love treats.

  3. Give the treats away!

  • Drop them into random neighbors’ mailboxes.

  • Welcome the family who just moved in across the street.

  • Make amends for stealing that shoveled parking spot after the last snowstorm.

However you choose to share them, you’ll be making our Petworth community stronger, closer and even more fun to live in!

A Lulabelle’s Bonus!
To sweeten the deal (*double wink*), Lulabelle’s is throwing in a drawing for a fancy Valentine’s Day basket!

What are you waiting for? Go spread some love!

(Tweet @petworthdcnews or hit up the Comments below to let us know how it worked out for you.)

Tearsa Coates moved to DC in 2006 and became a Petworth resident in 2008. You can catch her snapping pics of her husband and two kids at local businesses to feed her Twitter addiction. Tearsa proudly serves as ANC Commissioner of Single Member District 4C09. She also serves as a Board Member of DC Prep, staunchly supporting high quality and equitable education for all of DC's children. Tearsa looks forward to writing more human-interest stories that promote “Random Acts of Neighborliness” within our community.