Petworth ANC election results offers few surprises

The mid-term elections are over, and while there are some victory parties happening around the city, there are some “better luck next time” parties as well. For at-large council seats, Independent Elissa Silverman coasted to a strong reelection, along with Democrat Anita Bonds. A full list of the election results are available on the DCBOEE website.

In Petworth, below are the results of the ANC 4C and 4D elections, with few surprises.

4D had no challengers in any of the single member districts, so each candidate on the ballot won.

(graphs courtesy DCBOEE website)

In 4C, one surprise seems to be the win* by incumbent Timothy Jones in 4C08 to a write-in candidate (presumably Leah Anderson). We’re waiting on the DC Board of Elections to clarify the winner on Thursday, November 15th.

(*11/19 Ed Note: Petworth News first reported Timothy Jones lost the election based on vote count as published by DCBOE late on November 6th; however, Jones was announced as the winner of the election once DCBOE certified the results November 15th. This article has been updated to show Jones as the winner once all the votes were counted.)

Vote as of late night 11/6 (graph courtesy of DCBOEE)

Vote as of 11/19, from DCBOE.

In the other SMDs with more than one candidate…

  • Charlotte Nugent won reelection in 4C01, beating Salina Waddy.

  • Ulysses Campbell won reelection in 4C03, beating Ashik Siddique.

  • Debbe Matties took 4C05, beating Benjamin Underwood.

  • Kim Varzi won 4C07 (her challenger Kreig Rajaram withdrew in late October).

  • Timothy Jones won 4C08*

  • Tearsa Coates won 4C09, beating Steve Feingold.

And lastly, incumbents Maria Barry (4C02), Bennett Hilley (4C06) and Jonah Goodman (4C10) all easily won reelection.

In 4C04, we presume Nora Simon won as there was no candidate standing for election in that single member district, and the winner is write in only.

Much thanks to everyone who stood for election, and congratulations to those who won!