A look back at the top posts of 2017

Happy New Year! 

It's been a crazy year for many reasons, but I'm grateful that the blog has continued to grow and be read by so many people. The blog went viral nationally a few times, and appeared on the front page of HuffPost and NPR, was quoted by the New York Times and helped change animal welfare laws in the District, and was voted Best Community Blog (runner up!) for the second time in two years. Not too shabby. 

Here's a look at the top 10 articles and content based on number of unique readers from the past year. I hope the year ahead is a healthy and happy one for you.

#10: A tie between Fia's on HGTV and the Community Calendar


#9: An appeal to help victims of the Peabody Street Fire

#8: Petworth families march to protest the new president

#7: Old Post Office to get new tenants

#6: Learning how to take advantage of DC's Security Camera program

#5: A community aghast at Annie's Hardware being robbed

#4: Yard signs went viral across the country, appearing in NPR (twice!), HuffPost, TV and more

#3: A British pub comes to Upshur Street... (someday?)

#2: The best way to find all the area email listservs



#1 Most Popular: The top article for 2017...

The sad story of Momma the pit bull, a story that went viral nationally with emails, tweets, TV pieces and other publications around the country writing about it. The series about Momma helped push the DC Council to pass much stronger animal welfare laws.

Editor's Note: I started this blog by accident in 2015, and created something that I believe ended up being valuable for the community. I believe that because people tell me that's how they feel, which is the best form of compensation and compliment I can possibly receive. Thank you for reading Petworth News and being a part of this site!