Some local places to help with your New Years' resolutions

New Years' is the traditional time for hopes and dreams to meet gym equipment

by Jessica Washington

It isn't just the Petworth food scene that's changed a lot in the past ten years. The Petworth area has become a hub of diverse and effective fitness studios (not simple gyms, alas). From personal training to dance style classes to crossfit, Petworth has a ton of options.

Since the start of the new year is also a common time to kick off exercise plans, below are some of my new favorite places I think everyone from fitness enthusiasts to workout newbies will enjoy.

3232 Georgia Ave NW

The first studio on my list was Petworth newcomer SWEAT DC. Gerard Burley, known affectionately by his clients as “Coach G,” opened Sweat DC in September 2017 with a vision to make the boutique fitness experience accessible to everyone. His strength-based circuit classes are difficult, but are designed specifically to accommodate all fitness levels. Each move has variations and the opportunity to go at your own pace. SWEAT DC also offers a free introductory class for beginners to the program called SWEAT Essentials, to help get people comfortable with the basics of the program. Coach G believes that his “inclusive approach” to fitness in addition to his fun “party-atmosphere” are what sets his studio apart from his competitors.

The great playlist and club style lighting really made it feel like a dance party and Coach G managed to keep everyone motivated without making anyone feel pressured or singled out. In just 45 minutes, I worked out every inch of my body, met a great group of people, and had a lot of funning doing it. With it’s incredibly diverse crowd, fun atmosphere and challenging workouts, SWEAT DC is sure to become a mainstay in the Petworth fitness scene.

Price: $20-25 per drop in Group Class

Level Up Personal Training
205 Upshur St NW

Level Up is the perfect place for people hoping to build their fitness foundations. Trainer Cregory Boatwright operates his small fitness studio with the belief that fitness is for everyone. Boatwright’s background in social work helps him to deal with both the mental and physical side of getting into shape. His primary motivation is to get people in a healthy place something he believes exercise and a clean diet is integral for. He offers a mix of personal training, group training, bootcamps and meal planning for clients.

Cregory works with his clients schedule as opposed to the other way around. Although, I was unable to workout with Boatwright his approach to fitness, diverse options , and competitive pricing definitely warrant a visit.

Price: $20-45 per drop in for Group Class

Crossfit Petworth
1240 Upshur St NW

Crossfit Petworth is a great place for people looking for a challenge. Owner Lieven DeGeyndt believes that a great workout means everyone pushing themselves to meet and exceed their own expectations. That may be different for the navy seal or a woman who is seventh months pregnant, but in his studio everyone is welcome to do their best. In January, the studio will even be offering classes specifically catered to pregnant women.

 Another great aspect of the studio is it’s attention to form. All of the coaches run the class through the major workout of the day so that everyone is comfortable and doing it right. While this may feel slow to some, DeGenydt wants to ensure that everyone is getting the most from their workouts and doing them in a safe manner. The emphasis on individual challenge really paid off and I found that I got a great strength and cardio workout that was as good as a one on one session. I would recommend Crossfit petworth for people of all fitness levels who are looking to push themselves!

Price: $49 per group class

Honorable Mention: Second Wind Crossfit
5509 14th Street NW

Although not technically in Petworth, Second Wind Crossfit has remained a mainstay for Petworth locals looking for a strength-training based workout. The relatively small class sizes, intimate space, and friendly regulars really add to the family environment of Second Wind. The atmosphere isn’t by accident. Owner Coach Steve Dolge prides himself on creating a welcoming and inclusive space, where everyone can feel comfortable.

Despite, being a group setting the class felt like a one on one personal training session with the added benefit of a cheering crowd of fellow cross fitters.  Everyone was incredibly supportive of one another and you could tell that this place kept people coming back for more than just the workout. I would recommend Second Wind Crossfit for anyone who is looking for well-rounded strength training with a personal touch, and a built in fitness family.

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