You can get a "Glad You're Our Neighbor" sign from Stand Up Signs!

The @PetworthDCNews Instagram photo that got everyone's attention to a great idea.

Hi! Thanks for your interest in the "Glad You're Our Neighbor" signs. We think it's amazing that so many people want to share this positive message. 

You can purchase the signs from,
which donates 10% to Ayuda, ACLU and other civil & human rights organizations.

Stand Up Signs delivers across the continental United States, shipping via USPS. Signs are $17 each and come with the wire yard stand. Click the link or the banner below to learn more and buy a sign.


First of all... wow.  We sold 460 signs to neighbors. Most purchased one sign, some people bought 3, 4 or more. Knowing so many of our neighbors believe in acceptance is extremely heartening. Thanks for making Petworth amazing.