GoFundMe for family who lost their home from the fire on Randolph Street

Fire blazes out of the top floor of a house on Randolph Street shortly before DC Fire arrived (photo: D. Astudillo)

The fire on Randolph Street on Wednesday, January 9th devastated the home of a family of six who have lived in Petworth for well over a decade. Newly elected ANC 4C08 Commission Leah Anderson has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help the family.

The fire started shortly after 3pm on Wednesday, with flames shooting out the upstairs windows. Thankfully, Mrs. Abdul-Qudduws heard a pop from upstairs, and when she saw smoke from the ceiling, evacuated the family (including three home-schooled children).

Commissioner Anderson is also collecting donated items that the family might need. You can contact her directly via email or through the GoFundMe page on ways to donate clothes and household items they may need.