Draft agenda for ANC 4D's January meeting - now on Wednesdays

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4D meets for it’s first session of the new term and new commissioners on Wednesday, January 16, 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Washington Latin Public Charter School (5200 2nd St NW).

Note that ANC 4D used to meet on Tuesdays, but that was changed in December, and now they meet on the third Wednesday of each month.

ANC 4D also already chose their officers for the upcoming year (will be voted on during the meeting):

  • Chair-designate: Renee Bowser (4D03)

  • Vice-Chair-designate: Krystal Branton (4D05)

  • Treasurer-designate: Jonathan Nobil (4D06)

  • Secretary-designate: Aaron Polkey (4D03)

Draft Agenda

1. Call to Order (Bowser)
2. Determination of Quorum (Bowser)
3. Approval of Agenda (Bowser)
4. New Business (Organizational – Bowser)

  • Confirmation of Meeting Calendar

  • Election of Officers

  • Resolution on ANC Security Fund

  • Resolution on Sound Technician Contract

5. City Official Comments (3 minutes each, followed by limited Q&A)

  • MPD (if available)

  • KeShawn Harris, Mayor’s Office

  • LaRoya Huff, CM Todd’s Office

  • Other District officials

6. Guest Speakers - TBD

7. Old Business

  • Update on 220 Hamilton St NW (Bowser)

  • Update on 8th St NW building (Barden)

  • Update on 5125 Hamilton St NW (Polkey)

8. New Business

  • Application to Occupy Public Space: 930 Kennedy St NW (Tabor)

9. Community Comments (limited to 3 minutes each, please)

10. Approval of December 2018 Meeting Minutes (Polkey)

11. Treasurer’s Report (Nobil)

  • December 2018 Treasurer’s Report

  • 4th Quarter 2018 Report

12. Commissioner Announcements

13. Adjournment (Bowser)

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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