Slim’s Diner to close permanently on Sunday

Slim’s Diner at 4201 Georgia Ave NW.

According to owner Paul Ruppert, Slim’s Diner will close permanently on Sunday, January 13th. He’ll be looking at new ideas for the space. Challenges with revenue on a 45-seat diner and staffing issues led to the decision.

Paul said that they will look at options for the space, whether to bring in a different company to open a restaurant (like he did with Himitsu, who sublet the Crane & Turtle space), or if he’ll open a different concept in the space. 

In an email to Petworth News, Paul wrote: 

I am very sad that we are shutting our doors. I know that we have all worked hard and tried our best to make Slim’s a successful restaurant. Unfortunately, we don’t bring in enough revenue to cover our costs. I think that competition, staffing challenges and the lower prices at a diner make it difficult to succeed, especially when we only have 45 seats. Our final day is planned for Sunday.

Slim’s has been open for 2 ½ years as a money-losing business. Although things have improved recently, we are not close to breaking even and it is time to pull the plug and try with a new concept.

We'll spend the next few weeks licking our wounds and considering our options - including whether to develop something in-house or work with a new operator. Ideas from the Petworth neighborhood are always welcome.

I am proud of the product that we put out and the service that we offered. I believe that we brought something to our customers that was missing - a casual spot with affordable prices. I am deeply disappointed that we were not successful. But I am optimistic that we will find the right idea for the future.

Thanks, as always, for your support.