Gunshots at 5th & Farragut, MPD investigating possible multiple weapons

File photo

File photo

At approximately 6:23pm, MPD received a call for the sounds of gunshots in the 5000 block of 5th Street NW. 
Upon arrival, MPD officers discovered shell casings on the street and one on the front porch of a house on the 5000 block of 5th St. The shell casings in the street were a different caliber from the shell casing located on the front porch of the home. 
Officers discovered that three house sustained minor damage as a result of the shots being fired (one window and drain gutters).
4th District officers canvassed the area for witnesses and learned that a group of individuals were sitting on the front porch of the house. One of the individuals on the porch, who also lives at the location, was identified. While this individual and his friends were on the porch, another male or group of males approached on foot, words were exchanged and shots were fired. 

Google map view of 5th & Farragut

MPD believes that an individual on the porch exchanged gun fire with the group on the street due to the location of the shell casings found and different calibers.
Detectives are interviewing the person on the porch who lives at the location at this time.  The individual is being uncooperative. 
Detectives are in the process of obtaining a consent to search or possibly even a search warrant to check the inside of the location for one of the weapons involved in this incident.

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