DC teacher hopes a missed connection reads Petworth News and contacts her

 Jenny reached out to me on Monday night asking for a favor: would I help try to find a "missed connection"? Apparently, her special fellow lives in or near Petworth.

 Hello! So this is a crazy long shot and I promise I'm a normal human being and just hoping for a serendipity situation. I met a guy from Wrentham, Massachusetts on a flight back to DC a few months ago. He was super nice and we had a lot in common. I was getting out of a serious relationship so we didn't exchange numbers or names, but I always regretted it.
One of my friends just had a missed connection opportunity and I decided to try and find this guy if at all possible! If you have any ideas how to get the word around or people that might know something that would be a HUGE help!  

Seriously? Of course I'm gonna help.

If you know who she's looking for, or if it's you (hey man, I hope you read this blog!), you can email Jenny. Here's her email to her missed connection:

"I met you on a bus after a Boston Southwest flight in April. 

We sat next to each other on the parking bus at BWI. We both had been on an evening flight on Southwest from Boston. I was visiting family for Passover and you made a joke about how you were visiting family, but not for Passover. We talked about an NPR article you had just listened to about a special Passover Seder in an unexpected part of the world. You've got tan skin; I'm guessing you're either of Middle Eastern or Indian descent. 

You're from Wrentham, Massachusetts. Great outlets there, by the way. 

You asked me what I did and I told you I was a teacher. We talked about our opinions of charter school because I had worked for one. I asked you what you did and you said you're an engineer at either Andrews or Bolling base. 

We talked about how my part of town, 14th Street, is super crowded and expensive. You are the luckier of us two, living either in Petworth or Mt. Pleasant. 

When we got off the bus, I realized I had taken the wrong one to the wrong garage and we waved goodbye. 

My name's Jenny. I don't think I ever told you that."

So if you know an engineer in his late 20s or early 30s who lives in or around Petworth and works at Andrews or Bolling and listens to a lot of NPR... share this article! And if it's you... email Jenny!

(Ed Note: It's not Jenny's real email address, but it really is Jenny.)