PSA 407 Lieutenant to depart, new leadership coming

MPD Lieutenant Anthony Washington

MPD Lieutenant Anthony Washington

This afternoon, MPD Lieutenant Anthony Washington, who leads Police Service Area 407 (east of Georgia Avenue in Petworth) sent an email to the MPD 4D listserv giving his farewell. He's being transferred to MPD headquarters to the Command Information Center.

PSA 407 rolls up to Sector 3, reporting to Captain Derek Larsen (who reports to 4D Commander Wilfredo Manlapaz). The new Lieutenant coming to PSA 407 is Lt. Eddie Fowler.

Lt Washington has been an exceptional partner with the community, and has been instrumental in dealing with nuisance properties, responding to resident concerns and being very communicative. He'll definitely be missed!

LT Washington's email is below:

Greetings to all of my Fourth District residents, family, friends, and stakeholders especially those of you in PSA 407 (Petworth). 

It’s with mixed emotions that I must inform you that today, February 22, 2017, will be my last day as the PSA 407 Lieutenant/Manager.  I have been transferred to the Command Information Center located at headquarters.  This is a lateral transfer that will afford me the opportunity to learn a different aspect of the Metropolitan Police Department and prepare me for future leadership roles within.

Throughout my “tour of duty” here at the Fourth District, I’ve always stressed subordinate development and have encouraged my sergeants to think as Lieutenants.  Having said this, I expect no lapse in the service and responsiveness you all have come accustomed to for the past year and a half.  Sergeant Mastony, Sgt. Schaut, Sgt. Herringa, and Sgt. Cowan are all highly motivated and able to continue with our trend of success as a PSA. 

I have met so many wonderful residents and stakeholders during my stay at the Fourth District and dare not attempt to mention any by name for fear of leaving someone out!  You all have challenged me, pushed me, and questioned me, however; because we established a partnership rooted in mutual respect and an earnest love for Petworth, we created a synergy that would be envied on any cooperate level.  Because of the trust that we developed, I was able to be completely transparent and honest with you, and you were able to come to me with any issue knowing that I would meet it head on. 

What we created together is what the heads of law enforcement across the country strive for.  We created a relationship wherein the police belong to the community they serve, and the community belongs to the officers that swore an oath to protect and serve  them.

I will take all I’ve learned from this experience as I ascend through the ranks and hope to spread these lessons learned throughout the department.

Before I close, I must mention three individuals.  Councilmember Brandon Todd supported me to no end and made it easy for me to do everything I could for his constituents. Thank you!  He is the kind of person that you just don’t want to disappoint!  Fourth District Commander Wilfredo Manlapaz allowed me the flexibility to implement new ideas and take chances without fear.  His attention to detail and analytical approach to problem solving are skills I will keep as part of my management tool box. Last but not least, Jasmin Benab.  I promise you, Jasmin never sleeps or takes a day off!  I know this because she calls me all the time about concerns in Petworth.  I admire her dedication and her willingness to go the extra mile.  Any issues I had with obtaining city services, Jasmin facilitated my access and got me to the person who could make it happen for PSA 407.

In closing, I want to thank the men and women of PSA 407 for their dedication and hard work.  You are the ones that went out every day and implemented the crime plans and engaged with the community.  I know at times I was hard on you but only because I wanted the best from you.  You responded to my management style with a level of professionalism, commitment, and excellence indicative of an officer of the Metropolitan Police Department.  Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to lead you.

May God bless you all!  This is only the beginning!

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