Daffodil thief strikes Kansas Avenue (side story, someone getting a pretty bouquet)

File this in the "Who does this?" category... someone cut down and stole the daffodils from a person's home on Kansas Avenue near EL Haynes. I guess someone in Petworth is about to get a really pretty bouquet.

As reported by the homeowner on a local listserv:

Hello neighbors,

I live in Kansas near EL Haynes. I had a pretty row of daffodils in full bloom in my front yard. Sometime today between 11 and 3 someone cut all the flowers and stole them. Who does that? Seriously. 

If you live in the neighborhood and someone brought you a lovely bouquet of single cup daffodils, I hope you really enjoy them. I won't of course and neither will anyone else who walks by my house.

I remember hearing about someone having newly planted bushes dug up and stolen out of their front yard, and the thought by my neighbors was it was someone who wanted to replant them at a different property (landscaper workin' on the cheap?).

I once caught someone cutting herbs from my neighbors herb garden. "But they're right here next to the sidewalk!" she responded when I asked her why she was cutting down their rosemary bush. 

Who does that?