Make raising a child a bit more fun with KinderPerfect, a fun "Cards Against Humanity" game for parents

Last year, Petworth residents Wayan and Amy Vota brought you the wildly successful JadedAid, a card game for those in the international aid community based off the popular "Cards Against Humanity" that allows you to complete sentences based on completely odd-ball answers.

Now they're doing the same for parenting, and it looks great. Called "KinderPerfect," the game provides two types of cards: question cards and the hilarious answer cards. The game is on Kickstarter, and you can become an early backer and get your own set of high-quality cards for $24.

"Amy and I are fans of Cards Against Humanity," co-founder Wayan Vota told me. "We enjoy playing it with our friends, but felt it didn’t really speak to our experience as parents. We started adding in our own cards, and they were so good, we started playing with just our own cards at Petworth Parents get-togethers. We then thought we should make a real card deck for our fellow Washingtonian parents, but our friends told us to think bigger." 

During a game with their friends, Wayan said that between fits of laughter trying to answer cards like “Why is mommy mad?” or “What’s that smell?”, neighbor Rob Mandle said, "Why make this just for Petworth? You should do a Kickstarter to bring KinderPerfect to every parent in the USA!"

So Wayan and Amy, along with designer Maria Mandle from Creativecouch Designs, took up the challenge to create KinderPerfect.

So far they've raised more than $16,000 on Kickstarter have received over 6,000 card ideas from hundreds of parents across the country. "We're still looking for good card ideas," Wayan said. "If we use someone's, they will get a free card deck. We are also sponsoring Design Parties everywhere from New York, to Florida, to California to test out our prototype decks, and will have a big post-Kickstarter party right here in Petworth to play the final card deck before we go to print."

There's only 8 days left to get your own set of KinderPerfect cards. Check out the Kickstarter campaign >

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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