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The next ANC 4C meeting is Wednesday, March 11 at 6:30pm at the Petworth Library (4200 Kansas Avenue NW). Looks like a full agenda... no early outs for intrepid bloggers, it seems. Hope to see you there!

DRAFT AGENDA – March 11, 2015 Community Meeting 1. Call to Order (6:30pm) 2. Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners (6:33pm) 3. Approval of Agenda (6:35pm) 4. Reading and Approval of the February 2015 Minutes (6:40pm) 5. Treasurer’s Report - Commissioner Crowley (6:45pm) 6. Metropolitan Police Decriminalization of Marijuana - Commissioner Uqdah (6:50pm) 7. DC Fire EMS (7:05pm) 8. Khalil Thompson, Mayor Bowser’s Office (7:10pm) 9. Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker) (7:15pm)

Zoning Matters: 1. Christian Family Montessori School BZA Special Exception 201 Allison Street NW Commissioner Martin (7:25pm) 2. 4326 Georgia Avenue NW BZA waiver – Commissioner Hayworth (7:40pm) 3. 1521 Varnum Street NW BZA waiver - Commissioner Standish (7:55pm) 4. 1117 Allison Street NW BZA waiver - Commissioner Standish (8:10pm)

ABRA Matters: 1. Slim's Diner ABRA application - Commissioner Hayworth (8:25pm) 2. Twisted Horn ABRA application - Commissioner Hayworth (8:35pm)

New Business: 1. Historic Landmark Application #15-04, 16 Grant Circle NW - Commissioner Martin (8:40pm) 2. Historic Landmark Application #15-08, 7 Grant Circle NW - Commissioner Martin (8:45pm) 3. Historic Landmark Application #15-07, 4 through 33 Grant Circle NW, 513 Varnum Street NW and 510 Webster St NW – Commissioner Martin (8:50pm) 4. Upshur Pool DPR John Stokes – Commissioner Teustch (8:55pm) from Petworth News

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