Bicyclist involved in a July 4th hit & run looks for witnesses

(Photo courtesy of Shirin & Alex)

Grant Circle safety depends upon the people using it -- painted lines and plastic bollards can only do so much. A reader reports getting hit by a car while riding his bike in the Circle, and is looking for witnesses who might help.

Alex said he was riding his bike in the designated bike lane around Grant Circle around 7:45pm on July 4th when a green Jeep sped around him aggressively. The Jeep's right quarter panel ended up colliding with him, knocking him to the ground and severely damaging his bike. He received injuries to his hands and knees.

Alex said that the driver of the green Jeep saw the collision, but instead of stopping to help, quickly fled the scene. 

Luckily for Alex, a family from Ft. Totten stopped to help and stayed with Alex. Another couple stopped to take photos and called the police.  

"Martha and her family stayed with me the whole time and transported me back home," Alex said. "While Shirin and his friend delayed going to a BBQ party to help out and call the police. It gives me hope and comfort to see there are good people in the country on this special day."

While the police investigate, if you witnessed the hit and run, or know the owners of a green Jeep with DC plates starting "DF9...", Alex asks that you email him or text him at 202-858-8613.