Barricade incident on Arkansas Avenue ends peaceably

MPD closed down several streets during the incident, including Emerson Street. (photos courtesy @CollHawk on Twitter)

Late on Tuesday afternoon July 3rd, MPD closed several streets around Arkansas and Emerson Street NW due to a domestic dispute that turned into a barricade situation.

MPD responded to the 5000 block of Arkansas Ave NW after reports of a single gunshot. When officers arrived, they learned from several witnesses that the suspect had come outside in the 1200 block of Farragut St and fired a handgun into the air, reportedly to scare away a group of women who he believed were about to assault his child's mother.

Then the suspect went back into the home on the 4900 block of Arkansas, and reportedly fired a second round inside. 

MPD officers went to the home and tried to have him exit, but the suspect refused to leave. MPD declared a "barricade" and their Emergency Response Team were called to the scene (the officers in black uniforms). 

About 45 minutes later and prior to conducting a forced entry, the suspect decided leaving the house on his own was better than having the police forcibly remove him, and went out the back of the house, turning himself over to police. He told the the officers where they could find his gun, and after obtaining an emergency search warrant, detectives found a black semi-automatic handgun inside. The man was arrested and charged. Luckily, no one was injured and the situation ended peaceably.

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