Helping to make Petworth a better neighborhood, one festival, jazz show and a few murals at a time

I know Tom Pipkin pretty well. As a community journalist and blogger, I learn about and get involved in a bunch of different projects that go on in the neighborhood, and many of the best ones have originated with Tom Pipkin. I've never met anyone who has so many cool, creative ideas... some are way out there, others are exactly what's needed. It's how he's turned his ideas into reality for the benefit of the community that make Tom the focus of our next Petworth Change Maker video.

The Petworth Jazz Project is a direct result of Tom's and passion for jazz and supporting the local DC music scene. The Celebrate Petworth Festival, the Petworth Community Farmer's Market, the Petworth mural on Upshur Street and the mural on Kansas Ave next to Yes! Organic are just some of the ideas that came from Tom, along with his wife Lucan Pipkin and their friend Rob Mandle

Years ago, the three created an organization called the Petworth Alliance, dedicated to creating community projects that make living in Petworth more enjoyable, with greater opportunities to socialize with neighbors and feel pride of place.

It's because of those events that I first met Tom a few years ago, and now consider him a close friend. I know how hard he works behind the scenes to make these events happen.

But you may not know about Tom as you enjoy the mural on Upshur or hang out at Petworth Park to enjoy jazz and go shopping at the Farmer's market... and that's why Tom, Lucan and Rob are our next Petworth Change Makers. They're normal people who do great things to help make our neighborhood a better place to live.

Hey, if you love the Petworth Jazz Project, consider helping them with their Go Fund Me campaign! Consider donating a few bucks to help keep this great local gem in our neighborhood!

If you know someone you believe is a change maker in the community who might be interested in being interviewed, please submit a nomination

My thanks to Tom Pipkin, Lucan Pipkin and Rob Mandle for agreeing to be interviewed, and to Justin Dent for his amazing videography skills.

Justin Dent is the founder of Dent Digital, a video production company located in Washington DC.  He lives with his wife and two daughters in Petworth and enjoys a cold beverage at the Citizen from time to time, don't be a stranger! You can find him on Twitter and Instagram, and some of his videos on Vimeo.