Boozy trends collide at upcoming fundraiser for LiveArtDC

Speakeasies and "pop up" bars continue to draw crowds across the city, and one Petworth-based theater company is hoping that combining the trends will pay off.

On Saturday, June 24th at 7pm, "LiveArtDC" is hosting a speakeasy-themed fundraiser at Third Floor above Slim's Diner to raise funds for their upcoming production of "Clara Bow: Becoming It," premiering this summer at the Capital Fringe Festival.

"The booze-fueled costume party will lean heavily on themed cocktails from Petworth Citizen and 20's-era dress to set the mood. There will be music, raffles, casino-style games and a few other surprises," said LiveArtDC Producing Artistic Director Heather Whitpan. If you have a pair of suspenders or a flapper dress gathering dust in the closet, this is your chance to give them another spin.

"Clara Bow was an icon of the silent film era," said Heather. "So while we're trying to raise some money for the show, we're also using the speakeasy theme to have a little fun and pay homage to her time in history."

The beer and cocktail-centric event continues something of a trend for this Petworth theater company. LiveArtDC's most recent productions, "The Mrry Death of Washington" and "Love's LaBEERS Lost," were housed at DC Reynolds, a local bar near the corner of Spring and Georgia.

"We're putting theater in fresh settings for people who aren't your typical theater-goers," Whitpan said. "That means sometimes people come for the beer, but they stay for the art, and that's what matters." 

Tickets to the fundraiser event are $50 per person (and up), with a cash bar, and are available here. Doors open at 7pm. Get yours at at Artsy.