Learn to tell YOUR story at this Petworth Library event

Learn to tell your story from those who already have at the Memoirs Showcase at the Petworth Library this Wednesday, June 21st.

The Bernice Fonteneau Senior Wellness Center has been compiling memoirs for years, and now they have been gathered into a book and ebook. Come hear the authors talk about the importance of telling your story on Wednesday, June 21st from 5:30 - 7pm at the Petworth Library (4200 Kansas Ave NW). The talk will be held in the lower level meeting room and light refreshments will be served.

Topics will include: what the authors learned by writing their stories, reactions from family members and friends after reading the memoirs, and how to choose a path in life.

"This author talk is for anyone who wants to get to know their neighbors, especially to hear the perspectives of those who have lived in DC for decades," said Lisa Warwick, one of the librarians and friend of the blog.

"All of the people who have agreed to speak are really inspiring and kind. This is one of the few programs I've put on that I'm encouraging everyone I know to come to, because I really think all of us can gain a lot by hearing the stories of those who have lived long, rich lives."

Many of the authors grew up in DC, or have lived here for decades, so the event will also touch on how DC has changed.

"There are so many new residents in the district (or just young residents) who would be interested in hearing about what living in the district used to be like, I really hope we can get a big turnout. All of the memoirs also have really positive messages about choosing your path in life," Lisa said.

You can see more info on the Library's Facebook event page.