The "fashion scene" in Petworth: interviews with a wink to Fashion Fest and NY's Fashion Week

by Lois Cooper

On Saturday, August 27th, during the awesome Petworth Jazz Project, on what was a hot and humid 93 degree day, I walked around talking to neighbors about fashion, capturing it on video. What I found is a crowd of neighbors who love to consider fashion, and a bunch that don't give it a second thought. And while the New York Fashion Week may not be the number one thing on their minds, it was obvious that enjoying a sense of community (and great music) was high on the list. And Saturday is the Petworth Fashion Fest on Upshur Street.

The fashion styles seen in Petworth during the Jazz Project were one of comfort, befitting the lifestyle of neighbors on a hot day. Shorts of all kinds were a staple item at the Petworth Recreation Center that afternoon. A variety of comfortable shoes including sandals, canvas espadrilles, sneakers and a few wedges were on the spot. Some women preferred sundresses, both long and short.

The men seem to gravitate towards the classic short sleeve button down plaid shirt. The truth is, what was important on that day in Petworth was a sense of community, family, friends and the soulful sounds of Cecily's vocals at the Petworth Jazz Project

Thanks to the community for indulging me in a little fun. I'll circle back after Fashion Week to let you know what styles and trends dominated the runways of New York. We'll see if anyone from Petworth had their finger on the pulse. 

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Petworth Fashion Fest on Saturday, September 10th on Upshur Street!

Be well!