Did you lose your daschund? Hot dog, someone found him... MPD's help was great

Update 3/8: The family that found the dog ended up adopting him. They named him "Linus." Nice ending for this lonely hot dog!


A daschund was found near Grant Circle this afternoon, and he's now at Humane Rescue Alliance. If he's yours... he's waiting to come home! You can call them at (202) 726-2556.

From what I understand, a couple was driving by and saw the dog almost get hit crossing at Grant Circle. They scooped him up and an MPD officer came to help.

Another neighbor saw the commotion with the dog and other people on the corner and went to see what was up. She got an extra leash and blanket for the dog, who then curled up to rest in the backseat of the MPD patrol car. 

Wrapped up in the back of the police cruiser...

The neighbors wanted to make a point that Officer Christian was great; he hung out with the little daschund for at least an hour and kept him in his car to keep him warm. The officer even got an extra coat out of his car for the girl who found the dog because she was cold. That's pretty good community relations, thanks MPD.

Not sure if the dog is chipped (chip your dog!), but hopefully he returns to his home soon.