MPD outlines steps for dealing with burglaries in PSA 407

Lieutenant Anthony Washington took over Police Service Area 407 a few months ago and has been getting up to speed on area issues. Beyond dealing with the spike in gun shots in the Delafield area, he's also looking at addressing burglaries. He pulled recent and historical trend data to determine how best to allocate his resources, and sent me some info on his next steps on dealing with on burglaries in PSA 407.

From Lt. Washington: 

I noticed a couple of back-to-back burglaries had occurred in PSA 407 and was curious as to what our numbers are as they relate to burglaries. I contacted our crime analysis office and ordered a report for burglaries in PSA 407 (90-day, August to November). The short and quick version of the results of the crime analysis report is as follows:

  • Burglaries have decreased by 52%, from twenty-three (23) to eleven (11).  
  • The breakdown by shift hours consists of 2 in the evening and 9 daytime burglaries.
  • Tuesday is the most common day for burglary crimes and they are occurring during day shift hours.
  • The most active blocks with burglary crimes have occurred at 500 and 700 block of Decatur St NW, 4600 and 4700 block of 4th St NW and 4100 and 4300 block of 3rd St NW.

The good news is that 90% of the burglary areas are now being covered by the Delafield high impact patrol deployment.
I’ve reached out to the day-work PSA 407 Sergeant and Officers and have challenged them to be effective and produce results in the form of prevention or arrest.
I know there was a concern regarding burglaries and I wanted to let the stakeholders know that I’m not asleep at the wheel!
Be safe and continue to take care of your neighbors!