Answer a few questions about what makes Petworth unique


Curbed DC, the website that named Petworth the Best Neighborhood of DC for 2015, contacted me for an interview about Petworth. Since the goal of this blog is to connect neighbors and promote a sense of community, I thought I'd ask YOU to answer some of the questions so it's Petworth that's answering, not just this blog. I'll try to include your answers in the Curbed DC article!

Share your thoughts in the comments below, or email me if you want to remain anonymous.

  1. What’s something that most don’t know about Petworth?
  2. Any local customs in the neighborhood?
  3. Do you need a car to get around?
  4. What’s the most beloved neighborhood joint?
  5. Despite being so popular, is there anything that’s not so swell about the neighborhood? 
  6. Any stereotypical residents? Hipsters? College kids? Yuppies?

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