ANC 4C May meeting: Carbon rebates, development projects and MacFarland construction

by Elissa Fuchs

ANC 4C Commissioners met Wednesday, May 9th at the Petworth Library for their May meeting. The Commission covered a lot of ground, but highlights include debate on a Carbon Rebate and Fee Resolution, discussions about potential construction projects and approval of after-hours construction at MacFarland Middle School.

After introductory business matters, Josh Fleitman of Brandon Todd’s office provided updates on a dog park, West Educational Campus modernization, a Bryce Harper park in Takoma, and Bike to Work Day on May 18.

For the Ward 4 Progress report, DPR Deputy Director John Stokes announced that the agency is considering extending hours at the public pools, most likely later in the day. Commissioner Zach Teutsch suggested opening the pool early rather than closing later, due to the large number of small children in Petworth. Stokes said the agency would think about that recommendation, adding that DPR has met their quota of lifeguards and that the pools are “geared up and ready” for the summer.

Roosevelt High School teacher Julian Hipkins gave a school update, noting that students participated in the model UN conference, are welcoming an Arabic teacher from overseas, and are preparing for graduation on June 9.

Greer Johnson Gillis from DGS

Moving to the presentations part of the meeting, Greer Johnson Gillis from DGS sought ANC support for after-hours permit for construction at MacFarland Middle School. Specifically, she wanted her team to work from 7am until 10pm on weekdays, and on Saturdays from 8am - 7pm. Because this construction work is mostly internal, she said she doesn’t “foresee any noise [issues].”

The ANC approved this request, and Gillis said there would be an after-hours contact to manage any concerns from nearby residents.

Pepco VP Mark Battle

The next matter of business focused on the Carbon Rebate Fee and Rebate resolution. Pepco vice president Mark Battle argued against it, saying “It would raise [consumer] bills, not reduce carbon.” In rebuttal, Jamie DeMarco, a representative from Put a Price on It, said “A carbon fee would be magical” and that the revenue generated from this program would go to support consumers. “Middle-income and low-income households are coming out ahead,” he said.

The ANC decided to table a vote on this measure until next month.

Following this conversation, the ANC considered various residential development issues.

  • It adopted the BZA appeal 19773 and agreed to become an appellant to that action.
  • It opposed the special exception request in BZA case 19762 because of lack of outreach to neighbors and concerns with the same developer’s compliance at a nearby site

Under new business, the ANC adopted the resolution for 4101 Arkansas development project to the Council of Fine Arts. It also approved a letter to request community access to the pool at Roosevelt High School; heard discussion about potential development at 1416 Quincy Street; and approved the release of an April 2017 grant to the PTA of Powell Bilingual Elementary School.

ANC 4C Commissioners

Motions to revoke an April 2017 grant to the 14th Street Dance Loft and an April 2017 grant to the 16th Street Neighborhood Association were withdrawn. A motion to amend the April ANC meeting minutes to remove old business items not discussed was approved, as was a motion to approve a letter to support the First Annual Arts Fest amplified noise approval.

With the clock edging toward 9pm, the commissioners motioned to adjourn the meeting.

Elissa Fuchs

Elissa writes feature-style human interest stories for Petworth News, often with a focus on health and wellness. A native Washingtonian, she now lives in 16th Street Heights with her husband and son. She works in communications and enjoys yoga and running in her spare time.

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