Did you lose something at Safeway? Here's your chance to find it...

(photo Jeff Mikels)

by Jackie Echavarria

How many of you remember the story of Bun Bun, the bunny doll lost at the Petworth Safeway? Well, your local Safeway remembers! 

In fact, it seems that several Petworth residents have lost their own version of Bun Bun. There are so many unrecovered items in the lost and found drawer at Safeway at Georgia and Randolph Street that some get tossed into the garbage. There's keys, cell phones, credit cards, IDs and more.

Don’t you miss these items? I can’t go 10 minutes without wondering where my phone is -- and my keys are so important to me that I clip them to everything, purse, pants etc. What about you?

The Safeway store director has agreed to display the items that have been lost and found in the hopes that you may recover something of yours. If you think you lost something at Safeway, come find me in the café area (behind the registers) on Sunday, May 20th between 2 and 4pm. 

I don’t think cell phones and keys are loved as much as Bun Bun, but I'm sure they're missed and have to be replaced. Hopefully, maybe, someone will find their lost, missing and not yet replaced item. If they don't get picked up, Safeway will be donating all the items. 

See you soon!