Disturbing story of resident attacked and Metro employees slow to help

Popville posted a letter it received from a local resident regarding the Georgia Avenue / Petworth Metro and the resident's attempt to find safety -- a failed attempt, apparently.

“I want to get word out of what happened so no one else makes the mistake of thinking of going to metro as a safe haven like I did.”

The letter-writer claims to have been walking home last night from Safeway and crossing Randolph Street when they were almost been struck by a blue Altima with five people inside. The person put their hand out as a reflex and touched the car (which means the car was shockingly close to the person when it stopped).  The car u-turned in the Wendy's parking lot and chased after the person, who fled toward the Georgia Avenue Metro looking for police.  

When the person couldn't find any police outside the station, they ran into the Georgia Ave station followed by "two girls" from the Altima who chased after. The person starting banging on the Station Manager's booth, asking for help.

"The metro attendant took his time and called the police. He did not offer me refuge in the booth. Instead only let me on the other side of the turnstiles where the girls then took a full box of bus schedules that was left on the floor and slammed it against my head. The other metro lady found this funny and laughed. The metro janitor also laughed saying should I clean this up or is this evidence. The metro police came 15 to 20 mins after being called followed by the DC police."

The resident claimed that WMATA police and employees never attempted to directly help. "No one asked me one if I was okay. Metros safety push is a joke. I have never felt more unsafe."

Incredibly sad story about crazy people in a car and failures on the part of WMATA and Metro Police to come to the aid of a citizen. Not sure what time this happened on Wednesday evening, but MPD and Metro Police leadership were a mile up the road at the Petworth Library last night from 6:30-8:30pm.

Source: Read the original Popville post.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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