Join a fundraiser for Petworth Dance Project

On Thursday, April 7th, Petworth Dance Project will host a fundraiser at Petworth Citizen. Come out to support our own local and amazing neighborhood outdoor performance series from 6:00-8:00pm in the Reading Room! 10% of profits from food and beverages will support the Dance Project's upcoming season. 

Spring is in the air and that means Petworth Dance Project’s second season is right around the corner!

The Petworth Dance Project is one of the many things that adds real cultural value to our community. "It's more than just a neighborhood event," said organizer Sara Herrera-Kopetchny,  "it’s an opportunity for the community to share interests, ideas, and lend support to each other's businesses and quality of life." 

Sara Herrera-Kopetchny

When I attended my first Dance Project performance last year, I wrote about it and Sara's efforts: “Last night at the Petworth Dance Project, I realized that a neighborhood changes from just a place to live to a place where you want to live when the people around you work to make it a real community. It's where you feel engaged and connected with a sense of belonging... The sounds of the children playing as the dancers were on the stage made the event seem so much more immediate and real, something that was happening with us instead of in front of us at a theater. It made me really appreciate the dancing and the talent of the performers.” 

I think this year will be even better. The 2016 season will be held in three parts,  May 28th, June 25th and September 24th, sharing the summer stage with the Petworth Jazz Project,

The Petworth Dance Project will have some pop-up performances in front of the Petworth Mural, at 5:50 and 6:50pm, next to Petworth Citizen.