MPD hopes recent arrests curtail sounds of gunshots, violence

MPD sent out an email yesterday about an arrest made of two individuals who had guns and drugs on them. Their hope is that the arrests lead to a decrease in some of the local violence and sounds of gunshots in the area. Let's hope so.

From MPD:

On 11/10/16, members of the Fourth District’s Crime Suppression Team, observed an individual in the 1400 b/o Crittenden St. N.W. displaying characteristics of an armed gunman along with another male individual. Crime Suppression Team members made contact with the individual who then grabbed his waistband and groin area. Crime Suppression Team members conducted a frisk for weapons and located a firearm on the individuals person. The second individual was also frisked and a second firearm was located.  Both individuals were arrested and charged which multiple weapons offenses. A search after the arrest of the second individual revealed 9 grams of what we believe to be crack cocaine and 8 grams of what we believe to be heroin.

Weapons recovered:
Smith and Wesson 9MM  & Austria .45

This arrest should have a great impact on the recent sounds of gunshots in the 800 b/o Crittenden Street N.W. and the area of the 700 b/o Kennedy and 700 b/o Jefferson Street N.W.