Where I found out it's hard to blog internationally...

You might have wondered why you didn't see anything new from Petworth News this week. I didn't go on vacation or abandon the neighborhood, but I did leave town for a bit.

I was in Tokyo, Japan for 8 days for work. 

Japan is great, not least of which because almost everyone in Tokyo is my height, and all the ceiling straps in the subway are in the perfect placement for regular-sized people like me. 

While I had grand plans to blog at 5am or 8pm each day and keep the site active, yeah, that didn't happen. Between long days for budget meetings, design sessions, team outings, keeping up with US-work and surviving jet lag, I didn't manage to do anything for the blog. 

Hope you forgive me! 

Also, side note, Tokyo must have, per capita, more expensive cars than any other city. Bentleys, Rolls-Royce, Maseratis and Lamborghini cruise the streets like Priuses and BMWs here in DC. Also, school kids wear the cutest outfits, hipsters are everywhere and bikes (with bike lanes) are incredibly common.

We'll be back to your regularly scheduled Petworth News next week.

Meanwhile, here's some pictures of the trip, including my team and some of the food, which was awesome. (Images can be enlarged.)