Draft agenda for ANC 4D, meets Tuesday 9/20 (updated)

Updated: Includes discussion of an announcement by DDOT that it plans to change how it approves residential street parking. Instead of requiring block-by-block application, DDOT proposes to grant such restrictions ANC-wide. Further changes may be made by the commissioner at the meeting.

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4D, which serves the northside of Petworth, Brightwood and Brightwood Park, among other areas, meets on Tuesday, September 20th at 7pm at Truesdell Elementary (800 Ingraham St NW). Their draft agenda is below:

1.  Call to Order (Colbert)
2.  Roll Call, Determination of Quorum (Colbert)
3.  Approval of Agenda (Colbert)
4.  Approval of August 2016 Meeting Minutes (Colbert)
5.  Treasurer’s Report (Branton)

6.  Old Business
            a.  Vote on grant request application by Coolidge Alumni Association Inc. (Bowser)         
            b.  Status of 809-813 Kennedy St. DHCD solicitation, with meeting Sept. 21 (Roth)
            c.  Library trustees plans for library: resolution (Bowser)
            d.  Website status (Roth)
            e.  DDOT safety recommendations have not been executed or communicated (Sheon)
            f.   ANC Omnibus Bill on Sept. 29: resolution (Bowser)
            g.  ANC 4D Fun Day debrief (Colbert)

6.  New Business
            a.  Follow-up Public Safety Meeting, Emery Rec. Cntr (Branton)
            b.  DDOT proposal to approve residential parking on an ANC-wide basis only (Bowser)
            c.  Elias Market application for liquor license: resolution (Roth)

8.  Community Comments (Timed 2 min.)
            a.         Introduce Jeff Jackson, Elias Market proprietor (Roth)

9.  Guest Speakers
            a.              Melinda Bolling, Jason Washington, Director and Special Asst., DCRA (Bowser)
            b.              Andrew Hass and LaToya Bell, Attorneys, Employment Justice Center (Bowser)

10. Announcements
            a.              Tenants’ summit: Sept. 24 at Gallaudet U. Kellogg Center (Bowser)
            b.              Groundbreaking at Homestead apartments, 812 Jefferson St NW (Sheon)
            c.              TBD

11.  Adjournment (Bowser)

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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