What's your advice: owning a bad flip

OK, Petworth News readers, this one is for you. What advice do you have to share on owning a bad flip?

I got an email from a reader who lives in Petworth. About a year ago, she and her husband bought a newly flipped / renovated house and now... problems, lots and lots of problems.  Unfortunately, this isn't a unique story, but maybe one of you smart peeps have good advice (and the name of an attorney) that you can share to help this couple find a way to resolve the issues.

The reader's email:

Thank you for all your Petworth news - my husband and I follow your news religiously! I have a question, we are new to Petworth, one year, and think we may have been scammed.

We feel like schmucks and bought a flipped house and we are having many many problems with our home. We still have holes in our ceiling, the skylights and basement leak, there has been water leaking into our electrical panel and the sub-flooring in our kitchen is unfinished...anyways, we are looking for some recourse against the seller.

Do you know any real estate attorneys that have been a part of litigation against these LLCs that flip houses? We are desperate for consult and help. 

Please comment below or send me an email and I'll pass along your response to the reader. You can also comment on Facebook.