Is there a hydromaniac loose in the neighborhood?

This fellow was caught on camera opening up a neighbor's water spigot and walking away.

File this one under “weird but true.” Someone seems to be going around the area opening up the water spigots on the outside of buildings and homes and letting the water run at full force. Why?

On the Next Door app for the area, a resident reported that a man came onto his property, turned on the water spigot on the outside of his house, and then walked away. (With coffee in hand, no less, like this was an afternoon task to complete with a soothing latte...).

The water ended up flooding their yard and parts of their neighbor's yards. 

It's not like this fellow was thirsty... he has a drink in his hand. (Images from resident's security camera, posted to Next Door website).

Comments on the post from other residents echoed the problem may be recurring.

"I'm not sure if it's the same person, but someone opened up the spigot on my rain barrel (front yard) today," wrote one resident. "I didn't think much of it and figured it was a lame prank from a child. Turns out it was a lame prank from an adult!"

The Friar at St. Gabriel's Church wrote that they found three water spigots opened full volume on Tuesday, July 31st. "One caused basement flooding. Thank you for posting about it. It left me bewildered," the Friar wrote.

A resident on Farragut and Kansas responded, saying, "Someone did this to us and a neighbor within past day."

While another resident near Emerson and Kansas wrote, "My spigot was turned on Tuesday evening for a couple of hours before my neighbor noticed it and turned it off. The picture looks similar to a guy in Petworth that walks around picking up trash and mows all the strips between the sidewalk and curb at all times of the night." 

He went on to say he received a water usage alert from DC Water. "I'll call them today and make them aware of others in the neighborhood having the same issue with this stranger."

If you're concerned about this happening to you (and really, who does this?), consider turning off your outside spigots from the water supply in your house, and sign up for high usage alerts from DC Water. But really, you shouldn't have to do that, because why is this guy opening up water valves in the neighborhood