ANC 4C meeting agenda for August 8th

Slash Run on Upshur Street is applying for an outdoor seating permit.

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C meets next on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at 6:30pm at the Petworth Library. Below is the draft agenda, with the names of commissioners requesting an agenda item are listed in parentheses.

The updated draft agenda is available online.

  1. Call to Order

  2. Roll Call and Introduction of Commissioners

  3. Approval of Agenda

  4. Reading and Approval of the July 2018 Meeting Minutes

  5. Treasurer’s Report

    • Monthly Report

    • Q2 Report (requires a vote)

    • Q3 Report (requires a vote)

  6. Agency and DC Elected Officials' Announcements (3 minutes each)

  7. Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker)

    • Please watch the light. When it turns yellow please wrap up your comments.

    • Comments about later agenda items should be held until that discussion.

    • Candidates for elected office may not use the Community Comment to promote their campaign per a decision of the Office of Campaign Finance


  1. #19820 Special Exception Application for 1128 Buchanan NW (Commissioner Campbell)

    1. Renderings

    2. Application

    3. ANC Letter (none)

  2. 838 Varnum Street (Commissioner Cooper)

    1. Letter of Support


  1. Slash Run outdoor seating (Commissioner Goodman)

  2. Golden Paradise outdoor seating request (Commissioner Teutsch)


  1. Response to Chair of 16th St Neighborhood Association (Commissioner Campbell)

  2. Letter Requesting DC Council Abide by Vote Results in Recent Referendum (Commissioner Teutsch)

    • Letter (coming)

  3. Letter of support of the CleanEnergy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018 (Commissioner Goodman)

  4. Letter to DPW about weekend illegal parking enforcement on 14th Street between Spring and Shepherd (Commissioner Halpern)

    • Letter (coming soon)