Washington Post to publish Petworth News

Who knows, maybe we'll see Petworth News on the front page? (Here's to aiming high...)

Who knows, maybe we'll see Petworth News on the front page? (Here's to aiming high...)

I'm really happy to say that the Washington Post has extended an offer to publish articles from Petworth News on their website in the All Opinions Are Local section.

I accepted (obviously) and signed an agreement with them a week or so ago. This is pretty cool, and means greater exposure for our neighborhood and the blog. I mentioned this agreement in the podcast I just did, so I figured it was time to announce it here too.

The agreement allows the Washington Post Local Opinions Editor (Jamie Rylie, who came to the Petworth News Shindig) to pull content in part or full articles from Petworth News and re-publish on the Local Blogs section of their website. They're not interested in purely local news like new restaurants or a festival (not from my blog, anyway -- they have real live paid reporters for that). They are looking for a local perspective on the people who help turn DC streets where people live into DC neighborhoods where people thrive. (And who knows, if an article is good enough, it could make it to the front page or to the print version. Dream big, right?)

Below is an FAQ based on some questions I've already received, and the rest I made up thinking you might be wondering:

Where can I see the Petworth News articles on the Washington Post website?
They haven't pulled any content yet, but articles should appear in the All Opinions Are Local sub-section of the Opinions section of the site. No worries, I'll let you know when that happens.

Are you getting paid?
There's no money involved, it's a content-sharing agreement. Basically, it's great to have a world-renowned publication like the Washington Post express interest in our neighborhood and this blog. The newspaper will publish articles and provide links back to the blog. Like I said, this is great for exposure and I'm just stoked that they considered me for re-publication.

Are you going to blog full-time then?
No, running Petworth News only feels like a full-time job. I write this blog on lunch breaks, evenings, weekends, instead of sleeping, etc. 

Are you working for the Washington Post?
Again, no. This is just an content-sharing agreement, not a job. Though if they wanted to offer me a somewhat regular byline, well, I wouldn't say no...

How will this change what you publish on Petworth News?
In a larger sense, this doesn't change what I publish. I'm still looking for and publishing small articles on things happening or important to the neighborhood that the newspaper wouldn't want to republish. But... I do have this list of longer articles that I want to write about MPD, about the ANCs, about the people in the neighborhood in general. That's the kind of content the Washington Post is looking for, and this agreement is an incentive to find the time to write or finish those longer articles. I always planned on writing them, this agreement just aligns with that idea.

Are you going to expand outside of the Petworth area?
Nope. I plan on only writing about things that happen in and around Petworth. I won't be expanding this site citywide. It's PETWORTH News, after all! 

Should I subscribe to the Washington Post?
Yes, yes you should. Tell them Petworth News sent you. ;)

If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below and I'll answer them. You can also contact me at any time.

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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