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I’m pleased to say that local realtor Yianni Konstantopoulos has become a sponsor of Petworth News. I met Yianni back in the Spring when he reached out to me wanting to get to know each other. We’ve since become friends and have spent many an hour talking over a coffee at Qualia and a beer at Chez Billy about the neighborhood.

It was during one of our talks that Yianni became a sponsor of the Celebrate Petworth Festival, and has been really supportive of local events. It was actually Yianni's initial sponsorship that gave me the confidence of moving to a separate website for this blog. Yianni is really passionate about local real estate and doing more with both buyers and brokers in the Petworth area. He's a great guy to know. 

Growing up just 15-minutes northwest of Petworth in Silver Spring, Yianni’s passion for real estate began at a young age spending summer days working hand-in-hand with his father and brother, who are still active real estate developers in the DC area. He has a deep knowledge of the city’s many neighborhoods and offers a local’s perspective to clients. 

Yianni joined the GreenLine Real Estate team after a long and successful career in global digital marketing, most recently with Social@Ogilvy in Sydney, Australia. 

It was when he and his wife Lisa were expecting their first child that Yianni realized he wanted to return to DC, put roots down and explore his passion for real estate.

“At the end of day, happiness is something that springs internally,” Yiannia said. “I needed to be able to look at my little one and be proud to tell him how I spend my time.  And my foray into real estate really is a culmination of passion, years of experience, and a desire to help make neighborhoods special. Our time in Australia really opened our eyes to how successful communities live and thrive together.  It is a very special place and I’d love to bring back some of the best of what we experienced here.”  

Yianni and Lisa Konstantopoulos

Yianni also brings his deep social media and digital expertise, skills that he believes are vital for success in today’s ultra-competitive real estate environment. He maintains an active real estate portfolio that includes rental units in Adams Morgan, U Street, and Columbia Heights, and is always thrilled to meet new people who share his energy for the dynamic DC property market.

“Real estate isn’t just about having a nice place to sleep at night – it is a powerful tool that can help ensure even your biggest dreams can come true,” Yianni said. “I’ve seen first hand how being ‘smart’ in your real estate decisions can help you build wealth and generate passive rental income, while simultaneously allowing you to own a special property you are proud to call ‘home.’  But understanding this nuanced and complicated world requires knowledge, insight, perspective, and LOTS of listening. Above all, it requires an agent’s commitment to putting his client’s first in ways that makes them feel valued, comfortable, and certain they’re making sound decisions.”

After nearly 15 years of consulting and advertising, Yianni now works closely with clients across the real estate spectrum, from first-time buyers looking to settle in their “perfect” home to multi-unit developers looking to re-envision DC’s vibrant neighborhoods to institutional investors looking to maximize capital.

He believes it is critical for real estate agents to know and love the neighborhoods in which they work, and proudly lives in Petworth with his wife Lisa and their young son. You’ll find that they’re both very active in the community, in their own unique ways.  

Yianni runs first time home-buyer workshops at the Petworth library, sponsors local events like Celebrate Petworth and the Petworth Jazz Project, and attends several community events like the ANC meetings or the Grant Circle Socials. (If you see a right-hand drive Defender in the neighborhood, that’s Yianni).

Yianni chose to affiliate with Petworth’s only local brokerage, GreenLine Real Estate, because he values their commitment to the neighborhood and the demonstrated links they’ve build to the community. Lisa has started a weekly “mother’s” group and routinely meets with new mom’s (and their babies) at different times and locations across Petworth.

Yianni is a graduate of the George Washington University and when not busy working with clients, he can be found outside hiking through Rock Creek Park, coaching the FC Spartan Soccer club, or just playing with the couple’s dog @apollothevizsla

If you see him around, feel free to say “hello” and don’t hesitate to reach out to him if you’ve been thinking about buying, selling, renting or leasing a property in the area. 

Yianni is a licensed realtor in Washington, DC and Maryland and can be reached via email and phone (202) 957-3339.  He is also the president and founder of Quartz Real Estate Development

You can connect with Yianni in multiple ways: 

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/yiannikonstantopoulos
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/yianni.konstantopoulos
Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/yianniak
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/yianniak
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