Upshur Street Books to become Loyalty Books

Upshur Street Books, which opened in November 2014, is transitioning to a new owner and a new bookstore concept. Hannah Oliver Depp, who has been working as the managing partner of Upshur Street Books, is taking full ownership of the store from current owner Paul Ruppert.

Ruppert and Depp recently partnered on a pop-up bookstore in Silver Spring called Loyalty Books over the winter holidays. The concept was successful, and they’ve decided to bring it to Upshur Street and rebrand the Upshur Street Bookstore as Loyalty Books.

The Upshur Street bookstore will be closing temporarily as they remodel the interior and make some changes. See also “A look at some of the changes coming to Upshur Street Books when it becomes Loyalty Books.”

“We will open up again in early February as Loyalty Bookstores,” Depp said, “With myself and the staff focusing on continuing the mission of Upshur Street Books, supporting the Petworth literary and cultural community and bringing exciting goings on to Upshur Street.”

Ruppert was equally enthusiastic about the change, saying, “I see this as a leap forward for the bookstore.”

“We’ll focus on children’s books, diverse and intersectional fiction and nonfiction, and host book clubs, readings, and work closely with the Petworth Citizen Reading Room to provide more unique programs and build upon their successful literary cocktails,” Depp said.

The Loyalty bookstore pop-up in Silver Spring. The concept now moves to Upshur Street.

Depp said that she sees the remodeling of the store as a similar investment as Willows and Lulabelle’s recent remodels on Upshur Street, and the forthcoming She Loves Me florist and craft space.

“I am so excited to invest myself officially in this community as a business owner and push forward what a bookstore can offer,” Depp said. 

Upshur Street Books has become a cultural icon in the neighborhood, hosting sing-alongs for children, author readings, and even having a particularly well-liked customer swing by one Saturday.

It’s good to see that the bookstore will be remaining on Upshur Street.

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