It's an unofficial election poll! Vote for your Ward 4 & At-Large DC Council candidate

Update: Voting has closed. Here are the results! 

On Tuesday June 14th, one week from today, we have a primary for both Ward 4 and At-Large DC Council seats. Who are you going to vote for? Take the unofficial survey below! It's anonymous, and you can only vote once. 

In case you missed them, there are links to interviews with the candidates at the bottom of this article. Voting will remain open for two days, and I'll publish the responses in a follow-up article with the results.

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If you missed any of the candidate articles, see the related links below:

Leon T. Andrews
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Ron Austin
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Calvin Gurley
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David Garber
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Robert White
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Note: Current Councilmembers Brandon Todd (W4) and Vincent Orange (At-Large) did not participate in the interview process (though they both committed to doing it).

Image courtesy Theresa Thompson.