Draft agenda for ANC 4C June meeting

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4C meets on Wednesday, June 8th at 6:30pm at the Petworth Library. Below is the draft agenda for the meeting, subject to change (for example, there's been an incredibly painful back and forth over including the Code of Conduct proposed by Commissioner Jonah Goodman, so hopefully that one stays in the agenda).

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call & Introduction of Commissioners
3. Approval of the Agenda
4. Reading & Approval of the May, 2016 Minutes
5. Treasurer's Report - SMD 4C04 Commissioner Halpern
6. Agency & DC elected officials' announcements including but not limited to:
     - Office of Ward 4 Councilmember Brandon Todd
     - Executive Office of the Mayor / Office of Community Relations & Services
     - Metropolitan Police Department
7. Community Comment (2 minutes per speaker)

1. Green Neighbors of Petworth & DC Fair Elections Coalition (SMD 4C10 - Commissioner Goodman)
2. At-Large Councilmember Elissa Silverman


1. The Pitch, 4015 Georgia Avenue NW. ABRA-095107. Requesting a stipulated license for outdoor seating in the rear, a "summer garden," with seating for 20.  The Pitch contact: Jeff Jackson 202-251-1566. Hearing date: June 27, 2016. (SMD 4C07 - Commissioner Hayworth)


1. 320 Webster Street NW. 320 Webster LLC. BZA Case #19304 - Developer seeks zoning relief to convert a single-family home into a three-unit apartment building with a height increase and pop-back. (SMD 4C10 - Goodman). Note: There are homes in SMD 4C09 (Commissioner Joe Martin) within the 200' BZA notification on the north side of Webster Street NW.

2. 4009 Georgia Avenue NW. Servant's Office LLC.  BZA Case #19303. Developer seeks zoning relief to allow floor-to-ceiling height less that 14' on the ground level of a structure within the Georgia Avenue Commercial Overlay. (SMD 4C07 - Commissioner Hayworth)

1. Standards of Decorum and Conduct by Commissioners (Commissioner Goodman)
Document link: Commissioner Standards of Decorum & Conduct  Commissioner Jonah Goodman welcomes community review & input.

2. Resolution supporting DDOT sidewalk repairs on the 3800 block of Kansas Avenue NW (SMD 4C06 - Commissioner Galloway)

3. Letter of support for the Department of Parks & Recreation for its project to improve the triangular plot situated between 13th Street NW, Kansas Avenue & Quincy Street NW. (SMD 4C06 - Commissioner Galloway)

4. Letter of support for the WMATA (Metro) proposal to make some 14th Street bus services into express bus service in 2017. (SMD-4C05 Commissioner Teutsch)

5. Letter of support to be sent to DDOT for the installation of a pedestrian-activated (nicknamed HAWK for High Intensity Activated Crosswalk) traffic signal at Georgia Avenue NW & Emerson Street NW. (SMD 4C02 Commissioner Barry).  Note: ANC 4D, on the east side of Georgia Avenue above Buchanan, has asked for DDOT for the same.

6. Lottery proceeds resolution (SMD 4C08 Commissioner Jones)

1. First Baptist Church (SMD 4C08 Commissioner Jones)

1. Grant application amendments (SMD 4C10 Commissioner Goodman)
2. Grant application amendments (MD 4C01 Commissioner Uqdah)
3. By-laws amendments related to Minutes (SMD 4C07 Commissioner Hayworth)

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