Twisted Horn ready to open

I heard from Twisted Horn today that they're planning on a soft launch opening Thursday evening, January 7th. I believe it is invitation only right now, will let you know if I hear different.  

The new cocktail bar coming to 819 Upshur St NW by Jamie Leeds, owner of Hank's Oyster Bar, originally planned to open in December, and looked to be ready from a walk-through I did last month. The delay was waiting for final licensing and permit. 

I ran into general manager Megan Coyle earlier this week and found out that Twisted Horn finally got all the permits and licenses it needs to open -- right before New Years' Eve, too late to order food or liquor. Seems that's about to change with this week's soft launch. 

I'll share pics from the evening!


Twisted Horn cocktail bar opening soon on Upshur Street (November 24, 2015)