Petworth voted Best Neighborhood of 2015

Curbed DC, a local website that watches neighborhood trends, just completed its "Curbed Cup" competition to pick the best neighborhood of 2015. It was a close contest with thousands (millions?) of votes. And...


Thanks to everyone who voted for Petworth!


It was a hard competition against Brookland in the finals,
but Petworth persevered!


If you live in Petworth or know someone who does,
you know our little part of DC is a great neighborhood.


I don't think anyone had a doubt that Petworth would win...

I mean, I even heard President Obama voted for Petworth...


And to the other neighborhoods in the competition...
really, you're great places to live, too.

While there's no trophy, and in fact, winning actually doesn't mean anything since it's a fictitious competition, what is outstanding is how many people voted for Petworth. It's great to see such pride in our neighborhood. Faults and all, Petworth is a great place to live. 

Here's some bald guys with beards celebrating.