Here's some snazzy home trends for 2019 [sponsored]

Help-U-Sell Real Estate works to help you find the right house, but once you purchase it, your home becomes your castle. Here are some ways to make it more beautiful and cozy, with some of the most current fashions and trends. If we can help you locate that perfect home, or sell your current one, contact us!

10 Snazzy Home Trends for 2019

If you’re a dog owner, we’ve saved the best for last (number 10).  Your canine friends will love you for it!  The other suggestions are for you.

1. Curved Furniture

Newer designs show sofas, settees, and chairs that are rounded to bring us together for cozy conversations. Curved sofas, settees, and chairs will bring elegance to your home, but still maintain comfort.

2.  Tweed Textures

Tweed textures are replacing the velvets that have been popular for the last few years.  Tweed even pairs well with velvet and other fabrics.

3.  Warm Neutrals

Rooms have been painted in cool grays for a long time now.  But in 2019, colors are warming up. Neutral warm shades are back.

4.  The Year of Florals

This year home décor is following the lead of the fashion world, and this is the year of florals.  These aren't the dated floral prints of years gone by. Today's blossoms are bigger, bolder, and sometimes abstract, offering a larger than life depiction of a flower. If you are ready to break from lines, stripes, and geometric patterns, florals are worth a look.

5.  Pink Shades

Pink is back, but this time it’s raspberry tones for a bolder statement, or peach tones on walls for a softer look.

6.  Handcrafted Accessories

Handcrafted artisan looking furniture is trending in 2019. Handcrafted headboards, unique chairs, or custom made-framed mirrors are possible pieces to add interest without making over the whole room.

7.  Black Kitchens

White kitchens have been popular recently but now colors are coming back, especially black kitchens.  Black gives a kitchen a sleek, rich feel.

8.  Tile and Grout Combos

Intricate tiles such as Moroccan, herringbone, and other geometrics have already taken over from plainer tiles. But colored grout and contrasting tile on walls and floors are coming along this year. These combinations bring colorful looks to bathrooms and kitchens. 

9.  Terrazzo Surfaces

Terrazzo is made from a mixture of glass, granite, marble, or quartz chips inlaid in polished cement or resin. It has always been popular in commercial buildings for its durability and affordability. But now terrazzo has been reworked for home usage and can beautify rooms in houses. Look for it in coffee tables, shower walls, and more. 

10.  Dog showers!

Dogs are family! And 2019 is going to the dogs when you install a dog shower. Dog showers don't require much space, so there may be areas with water access in your home where one might fit in nicely. They can prove very convenient. We said we saved the best for last!  Just ask a dog.

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