CAC public safety meeting on September 17th

Ron Austin, the Chairman of the Citizen's Advisory Council for MPD's Fourth District, sent me a note that the CAC is meeting on Thursday, September 17th at 7pm to discuss crime and public safety issues with the community and MPD. The meeting, like all 4D CAC meetings, will be at the 4D headquarters at 6001 Georgia Avenue NW.

No special guests, just MPD 4D leadership will be on-hand to take your questions, listen to your concerns and address recent issues.

From the CAC flyer:

Please join us for this month’s Citizen’s Advisory Council meeting on Thursday, September 17, 7:00 PM at 4D headquarters, 6001 Georgia Avenue, NW. This meeting will have no guest speaker. In light of the recent spike in crime, especially violent crime, it was felt that a meeting solely devoted to public safety was appropriate. It is our hope that this meeting will be different from other recent events. At this meeting members of MPD will be on hand to hear your issues and concerns and at the end, we hope to establish an action plan with measurable goals and milestones that will be revisited regularly for review and where necessary, adjustment. (Download a PDF of the flyer.)

Drew Schneider

Local DC blogger in Petworth, Washington DC.

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CAC meeting notes 6/18

CAC meeting notes 6/18

The Citizen’s Advisory Council meeting was Thursday night, June 18th. While I wasn’t able to personally attend, Jonah Goodman was nice enough to share his notes from the meeting. As always, if you everything should be taken as recollection of the reporter and any mistakes are ours, and if you disagree with the content, that’s MPD’s fault. ;) Anything marked “Ed:” and in italics are Drew's comments. Big thanks to Jonah for his help. 

Read the full notes after the break.

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