Did you see the brazen daylight theft of flagstone on 7th Street?

Some of the stone that was stolen... (photo: Glen Sperling)

Wow... someone stole over a ton of blue flagstone from a house on 7th and Randolph Street on Sunday, July 30th. While the homeowners were out that day, someone saw an opportunity and stole more than $1,500 worth of stone that was being used to redo the owners porch, steps and walkway.

Contractor Glen Sperling has been leading the project at the house, and contacted Petworth News when he found out today that the theft occured. He's hoping someone saw the theft and can provide information to MPD. (Anonymous tips are cool.) 

"Whoever stole the stone would have needed a few guys and a truck or a van to haul it away," Glen said. "It was a lot of stone -- literally a ton! They took 2-inch thick flagstone that had already been cut for the stair treads, along with pieces that ranged from 2 by 3 to as large as 5 to 6 feet long."

If you saw someone loading up flagstone on 7th Street and Randolph on Sunday, call MPD at (202) 727-9099 to report a tip anonymously (you can event text MPD anonymously by texting your tip to 50411)Or call 911.

This wasn't a passing theft -- someone saw the stone and came back prepared to steal it with a van or truck, leaving the homeowners out-of-pocket for $1,500 worth of material. A real shame.

They had already begun installing the stone on the porch. (photo: Glen Sperling)

Some of the stone being used by the contractor before it was stolen (photo: Glen Sperling)