Green DC Living looks at solar panels

Petworth neighbor Roshani Kothari has a new blog called Green DC Living where she looks at ways to make homes "greener" in affordable ways. She has a recent blog post about Solar Solutions and adding solar panels to your home. Here's a preview of the article, you can read the full article on her blog.

This is a great time to get solar not only because we are entering into the best time of year in terms of solar energy production, but also because Solar Solution LLC is offering special rates for buying and leasing solar panels till March 31st.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Solar

Here are the top questions people have asked about getting solar. Have other questions? Feel free to comment below.

1. How do I know if my home is ideal for solar?
This is easy to figure out.  Do you have any trees shading your roof? Do you have skylights or AC units on your roof? Is your roof in good condition?  If your roof does not have shading and is in good condition, most likely your home is ideal for solar. You can enter your address on Google’s Project Sunroof website to find out about the potential of solar energy production for your home.

2. I love the idea of getting solar panels, but don’t have the money to get panels. What options do I have?
You can sign up to lease solar panels. This means you don’t own the panels, but you benefit from the energy they produce. One big advantage of this option is that you don’t need to spend any money up front to get panels. You also don’t have to maintain the panels, so you assume less risk. If anything goes wrong with the panels, Solar Solution LLC will fix the issues at no cost to you.  After 15 years, the panels are yours.  So, what’s the catch? You have to sign your federal tax rebate and SREC credits to Solar Solution LLC, so you will not get any benefits from this.  This helps to offset the cost of the panels for Solar Solution LLC.

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