ANC 4D draft agenda for March 21st meeting

Below is the draft agenda is for Advisory Neighborhood Commission 4D public meeting on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at 6:30pm. ANC 4D hosts their meetings at the Washington Latin Public Charter School (5200 2nd St NW) in the Multipurpose Room.  

1. Call to Order (Colbert)

2. Introduction of ANC 4D Commissioners (Colbert)

3. Determination of Quorum (Colbert)

4. Approval of Agenda (Colbert)

5. Old Business

  • DHCD affordable-housing project at vacant lot 809-813 Kennedy Street: Summary and Resolution (Roth) 
  • TBC: Changing bus stop location at Kennedy and Georgia: Update (Roth)
  • Library Tavern’s Application for Class “C” license: Update (Bowser)

6. New Business 

  • Kennedy Street Branding: Update (Roth)
  • Budget Revision for Optional Printing (Bowser)
  • TBC: Resolution: Request Office of Planning for a 10-year report to better inform the Comprehensive Plan (Bowser)

7. Community Comments (Timed 2 min.) 

8. Guest Speakers

  • Lilia Ledezma, Green Infrastructure Program, DC Water (Colbert)
  • Maureen Schmelling, Water Control Manager, DC Water: re: lead in residential pipes (Colbert)
  • Sarah Fashbaugh, Community Resource Officer, ABRA (Colbert)
  • Ann Chisholm, DC Government Relations Officer, WMATA (Branton)

9. Approval of February 2017 Meeting Minutes (Colbert, etc.)

10. Treasurer’s Report (Bowser)

11. Commissioner Announcements

  • DC Community Carrot Ribbon Cutting, 508 Kennedy Street, Ste 209, 2pm (Sheon)
  • Submit opinions on Pepco’s 17.4% rate increase to Office of Peoples’ Counsel through April 25, 2017 (Colbert)
  • Fire on 8th Street (Roth)
  • Transitional housing for the homeless (Bowser)
  • Traffic calming efforts (Hemingway)

12. Adjournment (Colbert)



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