Update on Capital Bikeshare coming to Sherman Circle

(Courtesy DDOT)

ANC 4D Commissioner Amy Hemingway sent out an email to residents about the upcoming installation of the Capital Bikeshare station at Sherman Circle.

According to Commissioner Hemingway, she and DDOT have been collecting resident feedback on the proposed station, and the feedback says “yes, please!”

“It was the community that asked for this in the first place,” wrote Hemingway. “And I have received overwhelming support for the Capital Bikeshare installation just north of Sherman Circle.”

She said that there was some concern that the new Bikeshare installation would remove two parking spots, however she and Aaron Goldbeck from DDOT investigated and found that the parking area near the proposed station are not legal spots to begin with (or would require Residential Parking Permit only), and instead appear as if they’re unrestricted parking.

Hemingway did some sleuthing on the parking spots. “We delayed installation so I could observe parking patterns in those two spots, and over several weeks I found that only one car parks in that spot each day and that car has Maryland plates. My guess is this person parks there and then boards the bus. On the weekends, I observed at least one DC-plated car parked there and no more than one. And finally, there is plenty of unrestricted parking on 7th street, which is not even a block away as it runs between Illinois and Kansas (if you live in the area, you know how close this is).” 

The Capital Bikshare station will offer 19 bikes and may be installed as early as Friday, October 5th. Installation should only take 3 to 4 hours and will not obstruct parking or traffic. 

Update: Installed!

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